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Our Professionals
Ervas trade information is stuck in paper,
manuals, books, guides, and web-sites. As a
result, our professionals have the hardest
time getting it into a useful data format that
can beeasily integrated with their company’s
computer (ERP) systems
Our Clients
Join hundreds of companies achieving cost
savings by outsourcing to Ervas,

We processing data 24hours a day, 7 days
a week,for companies throughout the US, UK
and Europ ,
Day To Day Services  

Utilization reporting of claims
in a plan, Data warehousing
Data annotation, Storage
Management Services  

Research protocol data
Company Financial Data
Electronic Auditing

Audit entry and receiving data
to identify valuation and
classification errors

Specific program goals and
objectives that can be
measured and monitored
Data Conversion  

we can carry out multiple
processes to export and
extract and reformat the data.