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Our Professionals
Ervas trade information is stuck in paper,
manuals, books, guides, and web-sites. As a
result, our professionals have the hardest
time getting it into a useful data format that
can beeasily integrated with their company’s
computer (ERP) systems
Our Clients
Join hundreds of companies achieving cost
savings by outsourcing to Ervas,

We processing data 24hours a day, 7 days
a week,for companies throughout the US, UK
and Europ ,
Data Outsourcing

Ervas Data production centers are equipped with
modern mail handling and processing equipment to
receive and process mail and responses for our
customers .Assembling, Researching & Utilizing
global trade data to help our clients make better
Vitual Assistants

We provide virtual options to companies who need
staffing resource either regularly or on a adhoc
basis to cover highs and lows in their business
needs. staff and production centers as your virtual
premises and employees
XML Conversion

We convert your text files, pdf files, word files, excel
files or paper documents to XML/HTML format so
that they easily retrieved and shared across
platforms. We convert digital content, books,
journals, magazines, manuscripts, manuals and
other documents into XML format.
Data Management

e Data storage, management, integration and mining
services fully enable and/or contribute to the design,
implementation, and management of a far-reaching
strategic institutional vision
E-book Services

Original hardcopy books, Adobe FrameMaker, PDF
Quark, Image, MSWord, Word Perfect, any format.
Our eBooks include the majority of the world's
bestselling authors,Our eBook creations range from
fictional world No1 best sellers
Language Conversion

Basic grammatical and spelling errors are
commonplace on far too much web content and
marketing material. People will judge you based on
these errors and you could be losing a lot of